Horror books

Zombies abound, in magazines on television, there are many Zombie stories now than there've ever been and following the success of The Walking Dead, Zombies are incredibly cool, but they are they real?

Horror stories

An amount happen in the event you awakened held in your house? Your terror spirals while you watch events unfold and realize you have no escape. The once quiet suburban family every day life is turned on its head inside a turmoil or terror where your very survival is at doubt.

Sixteen years old twins, Cherry and Bailea love life. They are as alike as bookends so when different as chalk and cheese, and despite an evil stepmom, they've everything to reside for.

One quiet day things go dreadfully wrong when they're trapped in their house in this horror short story. Their dad believes the Zombie apocalypse has arrived and it is hell bent on saving anyone still human and destroying any Zombies he finds.

Blood flies as the pace picks up and the twins must work together to outlive. With no method of getting help they are reliant on their own skill and cunning to evade capture and a painful death by outwitting their assailant.

The twins must run and conceal and fight as his or her once peaceful home is gradually destroyed by a maniac having a hammer.

Not for your faint hearted Zombies is really a short read full of high adrenaline chases and blood curdling escapes.

Will the twins survive? Will they end up orphans? Are just two of the questions you will need answered on this horror filled story.

Made to be read at one sitting this short horror book is full of character, twists and many scares.

See clearly should you dare.

Some comments on Zombies,

"The story was great - important and filled with tension."

“Deliciously Twisted!”

“I really loved how this story unfolded - creepy and extremely good characters”.

“Found myself reading faster and faster,”

“Highly entertaining.”

Horror stories

Take a look at Zombies rapid story with bite on Ipad now.


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